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GlobaLab international training for youth workers

The learning process:


The GlobaLab international training engaged 20 youth workers and educators from 4 countries: Lithuania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Spain. It was a space where the participants had an opportunity to:

  • become aware of the project philosophy, the concept and the 6-steps approach to global citizenship;

  • test newly developed training modules towards building global citizenship competencies of young people;

  • learn to use different tools and methods while working with young people at local level;

  • meet new people, make new partnerships and learn in a fun and multicultural environment.

The programme of the 6-day international training was constructed in a way so that the participants did not only explore the wide themes of the GlobaLab project, but also could experience the learning process using the 6-steps approach to global citizenship and improve their facilitation skills. It was necessary for ensuring their capacity and commitment to contribute to the GlobaLab learning processes at local level in all partner countries, which were implemented in later stages of the project.

Apart from the training sessions where the facilitators engaged the participants into the exploration of the concept of global citizenship, testing the framework of competencies for global citizenship education and piloting the tools from different training modules from the guide “Six Steps to Global Citizenship. A Guide for Youth Workers, Youth Leaders and Trainers”, the participants had an opportunity to get into facilitators’ shoes and run short educational processes themselves. They were split into small groups and were given the training modules “Environment” and “Stuff” and needed to prepare short training sessions using the tools from the modules. The groups who got the module “Environment” had an opportunity to test the tools of the module while working directly with young people in Kaunas Simonas Daukantas progymnasium. The groups who got the module “Stuff” tested the tools of it with the participants of the training.

At the end of the training, the participants also had an opportunity to plan and take small actions tackling the global issues they were exploring during the training.

The outcomes:​

GlobaLab international training helped its participants to become more aware of the concept of global citizenship, different global issues and their multiple perspectives. They also became more courageous to have a more active role towards global citizenship, more confident and motivated to improve own qualities. Furthermore, many participants highlighted they have strengthened their competences necessary to work in a team while looking for the ways to achieve the same goal. Many participants also mentioned they have learned to apply new educational tool while working with young people, as well as discovered new ways to use the tools they knew and used before the training.

Organisations involved:


Global Citizens’ Academy, Lithuania

Pro European Network, Bulgaria
Cazalla Intercultural, Spain

Future Worlds Center, Cyprus

Kaunas, Byliškės (Lithuania)

21-26.May 2016

The team:

Indrė Augutienė

Aga Byrczek

Vladislav Petkov

Moments of the GlobaLab international training

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 5

Day 6

Summary of the whole training

I was able to get deep into the Global Education theme. I was able to undertake difficult tasks which pushed my limits, and the interaction in the groups helped me to learn more about myself, thinking process and roles/responsibilities.

Participant of the GlobaLab international training

I learned about global citizenship approach which was one major theme, as well as different ways of working, thinking, evaluating, simulating and being creative.

Participant of the GlobaLab international training

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