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The Importance of Technologies

Cultural Dialogue


Bless Mgongolwa

The Tradition of Singing and Storytelling

Job Shadowing


Indre Augutiene

Kwabena Danso and The Booomers Company 

Job Shadowing 


Paulius Pakutinskas

A new portion of thoughts from Uganda

Job Shadowing


Vladislav Petkov

Global Education


Globalab in Action!

Take Six Steps to become Global Citizen 

Start acting as a Global Citizen today! Click for more information of how you can easily become one. Promise! No books and long theories. Just six steps! >>>

What is Global Citizenship?

Do you know what the term Global Citizenship stands for? Have you ever heard this definition before? Read further and find out about Global Citizenship  >>>

Globalab Goes Global ! 

We keep moving forward and developing global citizenship and learning competences among young people  >>>



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