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One mile in her shoes

The action:


On the occasion of the celebration of International women's day on March 8 project partners from Spain Cazalla Intercultural organized an event "Walk one mile in her shoes". The objective of this event was to raise awareness among the population, especially men of the Municipality of Lorca, about the need to combat gender violence which, unfortunately, affects so many women around the world and develop empathy for the difficulties and obstacles that women must overcome to develop their full potential and live safely and fully. For this, they organized a march which had its origin in the Church of Carmen and crossed the entire Corredera street. This march had a unique requirement: all participants in the march had to walk that mile in high heels. This is an initiative which was had a great success in other parts of the world and tried to symbolically make the blockades and aggressions that women face in their daily lives visible.

The action faced two main challenges. First, the organisers had to find the high heels in big sizes. This was solved by going to the local stores, especially second-hand stores and asking in advance to save or lend them. Moreover, the organisers asked for donations of shoes two months before the event. The second challenge was to motivate men from Lorca to participate. The action di not engage an amazing number of men who finally walked. There were about 20 of them, but the event itself got a lot of visibility, and it was as well very important.

Moments from the action:
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