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Radviliškis, Šiauliai



January – March 2017

The team:


Ala Beliajeva

Nadežda Bessarab


The learning process was also supported by other educators from Šiauliai "Santarvės" gymnasium

Organisations involved:


School club "Tolerance" of Radviliškis Gražinos basic school

Šiauliai "Santarvės" gymnasium

Global Citizens' Academy

The learning process:


The learning activities towards raising awareness of young people on global issues in chocolate production were organised as a part of the GlobaLab learning process in Radviliškis Gražinos basic schools and Šiauliai „Santarvės“ gymnasium. This learning process included a set of non-formal education activities which helped the participants to become aware of the realities in chocolate production path. These activities were dedicated to raising awareness of the participants on the chocolate production path, exploring the realities of countries and people participation in chocolate production, discussing the issues of equality, fairness and justice in the chocolate production line. The learning activities also included a film screening of the movie „The Dark Side of Chocolate“ and a Fairtrade Chocolate game. The idea of this simulation was to understand the issues surrounding the production and trade of cocoa, as well as the concept of Fairtrade. The participants were split into smaller groups, and each group tried to make as much money as possible by selling coca been they have been producing. Two groups were Fairtrade producers which gave them the benefit of stable prices and bonuses for community welfare projects. During the game, the price of cocoa in the world market was changing. In the end, the participants needed to decide how to use the gained revenue for the welfare of their communities.

The learning process also included a research activity where the participants were exploring the possibilities of access to Fairtrade products in the local supermarkets in their towns.

The learning process was completed by visiting the chocolate museum at chocolate factory “Rūta” in Šiauliai where the participants had an opportunity to explore deeper the history of chocolate and try to make chocolate candies by themselves.

The learning activities were organised separately in both schools but following the same logic of the learning process.


The outcomes:​

The learning process around the global issues in chocolate production helped the participants from Radviliškis Gražinos basic school and Šiauliai „Santarvės“ gymnasium to develop and strengthen a wide set of global citizenship competencies. They became more aware of the phenomena of global interconnectedness arising from our daily consumption, deepened their knowledge on human rights. Through the learning activities, the participants also developed their critical thinking which was demonstrated by questioning the realities of equality, justice and fairness in the global chocolate production path, as well as forming and expressing their own opinions.

The participants also demonstrated their solidarity and empathy with the cocoa producers. By observing their feelings of emotions, it became obvious that the participants became empathised of injustice existing in the chocolate production path.

Last but not least, the participants improved their skills of communication and cooperation by having an opportunity to share the work and responsibilities towards reaching the common goal.

Moments of the GlobaLab


I wish there were more Fairtrade products in Lithuanian supermarkets.

Participant of the local GlobaLab in Lithuania

I have learnt that the chocolate production path is very long, and that chocolate has its sweet and a dark side.

Participant of the local GlobaLab in Lithuania

I have learnt to be polite and listen to others.

Participant of the local GlobaLab in Lithuania

I have learnt to be conscientious and compassionate.

Participant of the local GlobaLab in Lithuania

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