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Global Citizens‘ Academy (GCA) is a young and ambitous non-governmental organisation aiming to promote key values of active global citizenship and welfare among young people in Lithuania and abroad. It contributes to making a difference in the global society by meeting the following objectives:

  • development of national, civic and cultural identities;

  • promoting respect for human dignity;

  • support to building capacities of young people in order to become active and responsible global citizens;

  • stimulating democratic dialogue among different actors in the society;

  • building capacity of civil society organisations.

GCA was opened to provide non-formal education, awareness raising and campaigning activities for young people, as well as to advocate towards creating a just and sustainable world. The organisation is also active at international level by providing training and exchange for young people, youth leaders and youth workers, as well as taking part in long-term initiatives.

Today Global Citizens‘ Academy is known as one of the ambassadors of global education in Lithuania. It actively works towards promoting the concept of global education in school, non-formal education and youth work environment all over the country.

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Pro European Network is an association, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, which works on a number initiatives, focused on young people. Registered in 2007 as an international network and focusing on Roma, the organization is now re-shaping its approach and works on youth empowerment, community building and social justice always taking into consideration young people from disadvantaged groups (Roma, LGBT, low-income families). Pro European Network now supports a youth-led group called O.PEN, which focuses mainly on local work with various groups of young people.

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Future Worlds Center is an incubator of social entrepreneurs who envision, design, and implement projects that promote the culture of co-existence, human rights, and peace, using methods grounded in the latest technologies, the science of dialogic design, and democratic dialogue. FWC’s mission is to enable people to re-think and re-solve social challenges, both on the local and the European level. Our actions are positioned right at the edge of where social change can happen. FWC is an organisation in which ideas, projects, methodologies, and people are interconnected. Future Worlds Center has four operating units: the Global Education Unit, Humanitarian Affairs Unit, Futures Design Unit and the New Media Lab.

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Cazalla Intercultural is a local NGO located in Lorca, Murcia, in the South East of Spain, founded in 2007.

The mission of our team of professionals is “To promote active citizenship, social inclusion, youth mobility, voluntary service, sustainable development, stand up for human rights, integration, non-discrimination and against gender-based violence, through non-formal education, youth information and international cooperation.

Our work is structured in 4 main fields.

  • Voluntary service – we work as EVS sending/hosting/coordinating organization since 2003. During the years it has hosted about 35 volunteers, sends annually nearly 60 volunteers all over the world. Cazalla is involved in the local voluntary activities.

  • Capacity building - on the local level through the cooperation with the local authorities - advising and information center, local projects and trainings; and on international level by development of the quality systems mainly in the field of youth work and volunteering.

  • International cooperation in the field of youth – that includes promotion of the youth exchange and offering the youngsters from our local community the first international and intercultural experience; exchange of experiences, networking and implementing the training courses in the fields of expertise of Cazalla – human rights, gender based violence, participation.

  • Local youth work - composed of the youth information center, and the local project with the aim to foster the participation of the young people, integration of migrants into the local society and fight against racism and discrimination. Cazalla is also an Eurodesk information point. We encourage the creativity of young people and assure the quality of their work.

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Tanzania Youth Cultural Exchange Network (TYCEN) is a youth development led non-governmental organization whose mission is to engage young people in community based projects locally and internationally with particular interest in education, gender issues, health, culture, youth and environmental conservation and sustainable development. 

TYCEN Activities

  • To organize inter-cultural exchange programs, national and international volunteering projects, specialized educational programs and events.  

  • To facilitate youth to acquire skills and competencies for employment. 

  • To promote entrepreneurial education in order to encourage enterprise culture among the youth and the whole community. 

  • To enhance gender equality and raise awareness on health, environmental issues, conservation and sustainability.  

  • It provides consultation and training in the fields of civil society, social issues and youth civic integration for young people and informal groups.  

Target group of TYCEN’s activities involve and benefits formal and informal groups of young people aged 15-35,arts and cultural groups, population living in rural and marginalised areas ,youth centres/groups, local communities, Underprivileged groups.

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Soul-Xpressions is an arts company established in October 2012 that works with children and youth to build confidence, self-discipline and awareness to encourage social/community and self-responsibility. Our activities include dance, painting, music, drama discussions and creative writing classes. We also offer facilitation training for youth and youth workers and counselling. Our missions is to facilitate a deeper awareness of self and community responsibility. We explore, create and share through our programs such as, camps, weekend classes, holiday week intensives, outreaches, international youth exchanges, and training workshops. Soul-Xpressions design programs to focus on three (3) main areas of both individual and community.

We have over 10years experience in the non-formal education as Soul-Xpressions was established legally after the closure of In Movement: Art for social Change. From 2006-2016 we worked under In movement as facilitators and all of our youth leaders are alumni from the same program. We have held over 50 youth art camps, over 20 teacher trainings for youth workers from both formal national schools and NGOs, over 30 School seminars on heath and environment. Participated in Brave Kids festival in 2012 and 2016 in Poland, (2) training course and one (1) job shadowing in Sardinia (Italy), One (1) training course in Slovakia, One (1) youth exchange and seminar in Sofia (Bulgaria). 

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YPWC is a youth led and youth focused organisation that is headquartered in Ghana. The organisation is operated by a combination of young people (aged 10 to 35 years) and adult allies working on youth- and development-related issues worldwide. YPWC was founded in December 2005. 

Its vision is to provide a ‘youthful voice’ that represents the youth of our world. By effectively using young resourceful minds to influence the course of global policy formulation and development in a consistent and harmonized manner, YPWC seeks to address the numerous challenges facing young people today. Herein lies the main strength of YPWC – it is an organisation led by young people, for young people. 

Based on the philosophy of participatory learning, YPWC inspires and supports youth action by creating a platform. This allows for youth to translate their knowledge and desires into action, whilst simultaneously involving young people in decision-making regarding key developmental and global issues. 

The organisation’s on-site activities give YPWC the chance to work directly with young people through practical action projects, aimed particularly at encouraging youth participation and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 

The core areas targeted by YPWC’s activities and projects are: 

  • Youth Migration 

  • Sustainable Development Goals 


  • Sister School and Youth Groups Network 

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