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GlobaLab and Young People

In this section you will find a set of good practices of local learning processes towards global citizenship delivered in project partner countries. 

GlobaLab and Youth Workers

Get acquainted with international and national global citizenship activities dedicated to youth workers, youth leaders and educators. 

GlobaLab in Action

In the frame of GlobaLab project, our participants implemented a number of actions tackling a variety of global issues. Get to know more about them!

Tips for Facilitators Willing to Run a GlobaLab Learning Process

Do you want to run a GlobaLab learning process with young people? Here are some tips for a successful planning and implementation of your GlobaLab. They are based on the experience of the project partners and facilitators gained through running the GlobaLab learning processes with young people in the frame of the project “Six Steps to Global Citizenship”.

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Find out more about the main results and achievements of local and international activities of the project "Six Steps to Global Citizenship" (project No. 2015-1-LT02-KA205-004096). Here you will find some reflection and demonstration on the ways how the project partners applied the main project outputs – the framework for global citizenship education and the training modules – in the actual work with young people.

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