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Read a short description about our following project Globalab Goes Global


We keep moving forward! 


This project is based on a previous project with the same name, in which the European partners have developed tools and reached results on which we capitalize on in this stage in order to develop global citizenship and learning competences among young people. 


With the migration pressure, a big gap in competences developed among youth workers trying to engage young people from diverse groups. Learning mobility plays a crucial role in filling this gap in the world of education and training to say the least. As many young people are unaware of their opportunities and feel expelled by the labour market, a phenomenon that injures societal cohesion and provides a fertile soil for delinquencies, in this project we want to provide them with engaging, well-thought and tested solutions under the umbrella of active citizenship. 


The links established in this project between the European and the African partners allows for the internationalization of the methods used in education among the different partners. This partnership also plays an important role in improving the quality of the services offered by each partner, and allows for these improvements to be disseminated among other organizations and individual youth workers around the globe. 


The project promotes mobility cooperation between partners from Europe and the global south, promoting European values and enhancing the capacity of partners on both sides, directly addressing issues of alienation and putting them to the challenge of working and learning together. 


The project builds on its prequel addressing directly the needs of young people using a bottom-up approach. In that sense it provides perspective, which lacks among youth workers confused by the turbulent demographic changes. It also promotes active citizenship, social inclusion and solidarity 


The learning mobility enhances the international dimension of youth activities and offers this opportunity to stakeholders, being the young beneficiaries or the youth workers themselves. 

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