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GlobaLab in numbers

GlobaLab project has finished producing 5 intellectual outputs, and involving the total of 439 young people and youth workers.


So what exactly we have done?


The project has started with the creation of the picture of the global citizen, research that helped us to create the Global Citizenship competence framework, where we were running the activities for young people, through which we have learnt their perception. In addition the interviews with youth workers and decision makers has happened, to support the results. Then the partnership started the work on a Guide for Youth Workers, Youth Leaders and Trainers, that has been consulted first with the group of 20 youth workers during the international training course in Lithuania, and later on used by youth workers and tested with the total of 226 young people from 4 countries. During those events we have managed to involved schools and other educational institutions on board of the project.

In the mean while we have worked on the mobile application that is a supporting tool for the educational processes of the project, and is a fun and easy to use app that can help young people to reflect on. And finally we have developed the catalogue of the good practices, where you can find the cool ideas what can be done with young people, and what actions can be undertaken by young people to make a small step to change the world.

We have worked hard as well on the project dissemination, where besides the dissemination events that has been implemented as planned and gathered more participants then expected, we have managed to reach the total number of over 90 000 people through various communication materials, especially local press, radio and our newsletters.

What is still missing? Plans for the future. Currently we are planning the continuation of the project, so if you are interested please give a like on our facebook page, and we will keep you updated. 

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