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Bless Mgongolwa


A conversation about the Importance of Technologies during Job shadowing visit in Lithuania

Today (19th September 2018) I met a new friend Martynas from Lithuania! I asked Solveiga  to meet him because of great things he is doing. 

We had dinner together and discussed a lot of things, Here is why this guy is amazing to me:

1. Despite being blind, Martynas is a technology enthusiast.
- He is helping different people with their computer problems and fix them (yes he fix them!). 
- He is using smartphone for communication, navigation and many other different daily things!  I just sent a friend request on Facebook and he accepted it in a short time! 
- He was telling me that a smartphone is everything for him. It helps him to move from one place to another, pay bills (phone can recognize different currencies) and other stuff. It also helps other people who are blind to travel with public transportation without getting into a wrong bus.

- He has been working with Kaunas Municipal to create different systems that could help blind people. He has worked with them to create a mobile application that uses BLUETOOTH technology to identify BUS route number which will help blind people to know where the bus is going.

- Also Martynas told me that he is volunteering and advising blind people about what devices to buy and how to configure them. 













He asked me different question about Tanzania and I was happy to talk to him about our culture, size of our country, the Swahili language and other stuff.

Thank you Martynas Marčius Vitkus for meeting us, thank you Indrė Augutienė, Solveiga Skaisgirytė and Tycen Tanzania for helping me to meet this amazing person.



Ačiū! :)

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I miss Martynas! He is truly a funny, social and inspiring guy! 
- In just one hour we were laughing from different things (e.g. how I was speaking lithuanian to say thank you, excuse me, good after noon, gow are you and etc.).

- He told me that next week he will be going to Brussels for an exhibition of different photos that were taken showing him and other people doing few things.

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