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Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria)

February – May 2017
The team:

Nina Gadjeva

Organisations involved:


Vocational High School on Tourism “Dr. Vasil Beron”, Veliko Tarnovo
Boyar Dreams School Company, Veliko Tarnovo
Pro European Network, Sofia

The learning process:


The learning process was organised in the form of extra-curricular activities with students from the Vocational High School on Tourism “Dr. Vasil Beron”. The activities took place within the premises of the school. The participants enrolled voluntarily from different classes of the school, most of them also members of Boyar Dreams School Company and formed a group of 20 people who stayed relatively permanent throughout the process. The group selected to explore the topic of Moving and engaged in a learning process, facilitated by the trainee of the GlobaLab international training for youth workers Nina Gadjeva.

The learning process was constructed around the Moving Chapter in the guide “Six Steps to Global Citizenship. A Guide for Youth Workers, Youth Leaders and Trainers”. It followed the 6-steps to global citizenship process as the following tools were employed to ensure each step is well covered:

Step 1: Where Would You Like to Travel & Cat and Mouse;

Step 2: Choosing an Issue;

Step 3: Causes and Consequences Tree & Who is Tolerant?;

Step 4: Discovering the Potential, Solutions Café & Steps for Action;

Step 6: Silent Wall & Self-esteem Buzz.

Where needed, small adaptations of the tools were done, based on the needs and interests of the groups, but no major modifications of the tools (as described in the GlobaLab guide) were done. Within the process, the main issue that was explored by the learners within the broad theme of Moving was travelling beyond tourism, particularly in regards to studying and working abroad. Along with the tools from the Guide, the facilitator has also invited a person who has done a mobility project abroad as a guest speaker to talk about their experience, living in a foreign environment.


The outcomes:​

The participants in the GlobaLab have improved their communication and presentation skills through the different activities which have forced them to discuss and present different aspects of the theme of Moving. Their competencies in relation to leadership and teamwork have also visibly developed within the process, well supported by the tools which require group work. The creative and innovative thinking has seen an increase among many of the participants throughout the process. A more broad and comprehensive understanding of why and how people move is among the serious learning results of the process, which has also shown a change of attitudes. On the other hand, knowledge about concrete aspects of moving (rights, procedures, opportunities) was highly appreciated assets of the learning process by the participants themselves.

The facilitator has also assessed her own experience as enriching throughout the work with the group. The challenges around building a working group and supportive learning and working environment, as well as a relaying information in interactive and engaging ways, were the engines that kept the facilitator developing her competences further, particularly in regards to leadership.

Moments of the GlobaLab


I joined the GlobaLab with basic knowledge on the topic of global education. I expected to learn more on the topic, but initially, I did not like at all the theme that the group decided to work on. In the process, however, I have learnt that Moving does not refer to trips and holidays only, but on the opposite – there are different forms of moving and each one of them is connected to rights and responsibilities. It was interesting to reflect on the various nuances – economical but also very personal and human – there are around moving. (…) The GlobaLab was useful for me as I now feel more prepared to travel.

Preslava Hristova, participant of the local GlobaLab in Veliko Tarnovo

I was not very interested in global issues before we started the GlobaLab, so I didn’t have a lot of expectations for it. Together with the others we’ve decided to work on the theme Moving and we thought we would talk about holidays and trips, but it turned out to be so much more. We talked about human rights, legislation and many other things that might be useful for us in the future. It was also interesting when we talked about programs which give the opportunity to travel abroad. I now think that the GlobaLab has given me new knowledge, made me practice some skills for public speaking, as I was very shy to do it before. I also got to know some other students much better.

Stefan Filev, participant of the local GlobaLab in Veliko Tarnovo

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