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Information Campaign “Global Citizens – modern and responsible” in Varna

The action:


As a part of the GlobaLab learning process on the topic of Stuff, the participants from Varna have decided together to run an information campaign among their peers in school on the topic “Global Citizens – modern and responsible” in the form of six short and partly interactive lectures in six different classes. The lectures were prepared cooperatively by the group and were conducted in the framework of the Students’ Class – a once-per-week lesson in the Bulgarian school system meant for solving organisational issues (when needed) and with a flexible schedule content-wise. The information campaign took place in the beginning of May where the GlobaLab participants worked with 6 classes in their interactive lectures – one class of eight-graders, two classes of eleven-graders and three classes of twelve-graders.

As a whole, the interactive lectures involved more than 230 students from the High School of Commerce in Varna. Each lecture presented different aspects of the production and consumption of stuff like clothes, food, mobile phones, etc. One of the lectures was dedicated to bottled mineral water (which is also a local issue in Varna where tap water is not always drinkable) and as a follow-up of it, a collection of plastic bottle caps was organised.

The feedback of the engaged peers within the different interactive lectures was predominantly positive.

Moments from the action:
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