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Information Day in Veliko Tarnovo

The action:


As a part of the GlobaLab learning process on the topic of Moving, the participants Veliko Tarnovo decided to organise an information day on the issue of Moving, trying to introduce existing opportunities for studying and working abroad, mainly supported by the European Union (with focus on Erasmus + Programme). The Information day was planned in collaboration with different clubs within the school and the Europe Direct info point in Veliko Tarnovo which has provided additional informational and promotional materials about mobility possibilities. The information day was organised within the school, in one of the busiest places in the school hallways, where the group of GlobaLab participants has set up a table with information materials – which they have produced by themselves and materials they have obtained from Europe Direct. The main objective of the info days was to fight the existing notion within the students that existing mobility opportunities are only accessible for top students. The information point has stayed the whole day (both during the morning and the afternoon classes), where GlobaLab participants disseminated materials among peers and engaged them in conversation about moving for different reasons and in different contexts. All materials were disseminated and it is estimated that around 500 out of the 540 students in the school were reached by the action. A girl with a specifically created GlobaLab T-shirt was among the entertaining elements of the action.

Moments from the action:
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