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TYCEN Tanzania has provided a training to secondary school students on how to create paper charcoal using paper waste collected from schools, offices and other places. We have encouraged youth on how to recycle paper waste in order to make environment friendly paper charcoal which is affordable as well (There are other environment friendly solutions like GAS but they are not available throughout the country and they are expensive but paper charcoal are easy to make). This action will help to reduce amount of trees chopped for fire woods and to make paper as well, will reduce air pollution hence no more diseases caused by air pollution, will increase creativity and innovation and also it will create employment to people. (E.g. These paper charcoal can be packed well and sold to other people). Therefore this action is corresponding with following SDGs: 1 - No poverty (People will be able to generate income from paper charcoal) 3 - Good Health and Well-being (No more pollution caused by fire woods and etc) 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (People will increase their creativity so as to create these paper charcoal) 13 - Climate action (No more problems caused by climate change due to few trees chopped down)

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